2nd Round Dances and Upcoming Events

Thanks to everyone who came to first round dances! First round dances are officially over. Second round dances will begin next week: 

Double Fribbon Dance–every Friday night at Noyes from 8:15-9:45pm, contact Glenna Zhang (glz6) for more information 

Parasol Dance –every Sunday afternoon at Willard Straight Hall from 12:00-2:00pm, contact Xuelin Hong (xh222) for more information 

Technique!!!–Saturday afternoon 4:00-5:30 @ Helen Newman Hall

Please join us during the rehearsals! 


First Round Dances

A huge thanks to everyone to came to open rehearsal! Here’s a quick update on the first round dances:

Peacock Dance rehearsals will begin this Friday (9/28) @ 8:15pm in the Noyes Multipurpose Room on West Campus 

Technique rehearsals will begin this Saturday (9/29) @ 4:00pm in the Helen Newman Dance Studio on North Campus

Double-Sided Fan rehearsals will continue this Sunday (9/30) @ 12:00pm @ Willard Straight Hall 5th floor lounge on Central Campus

All members are required to attend technique, as they provide an amazing foundation for all of the dances we do! Although we gave everyone dance assignments, if you would like to be in the other dance instead, feel free to come to either dance or both as long as you let the choreographer and Glenna (glz6@cornell.edu) know ahead of time.

Open Rehearsal this Saturday 9/15

Thank you everyone who came our booth at A3WR and Clubfest! If you missed those events, no worries. You can still come and check us out at our open rehearsal which will be this Saturday 9/15 at 4:00- 5:30 pm in Helen Newman Hall.

We will be teaching a peacock and fan dance. Again, no dance experience is required. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Orientation Events

Please come watch us perform and talk with us at the following orientation events: 

Saturday, Aug. 25th from 11:30 am-2:00 pm
Balch courtyard
SDDI Organization Fair
Saturday Sept. 1st from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Ho Plaza
Sunday, Sept. 10th  from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Barton Hall

We hope to see you all there! 

Third Round Dance and Upcoming Events!!!

Fan Dance — Sundays 1-3pm @Willard Straight Hall

Our talented choreographer Daisy will teach double sided fan dance every Sunday starting from 2/11. It is an elegant Chinese traditional dance and anyone is welcomed regardless of past dance experiences. 

Concubine Dance — Fridays 7:50-9:20pm @Noyes

It is Dekang’s fourth year in Illuminations. She is a wonderful dancer and choreographer, and if you are interested in Chinese dance or even Chinese history, concubine dance will be a great fit for you!! 

Clubfest — 2/9 1-4pm @Barton hall — Sword Dance

Lunar New Year — 2/10 2-6pm @Big Red Barn — Sword Dance

Chinese New Year — 2/15 evening @Okenshields — Modern Fusion Dance

Chinese New Year Performance — 2/16 7pm @Taiwanese Association — Fribbon

Lunar New Year — Greater Chinese Business Club Johnson: 2/23 — Modern Fusion Dance

Please come to our OPEN REHEARSAL 2/10 4-6PM @Willard Straight Hall 6th floor. Hope to see you soon!!!

Second Round Dance!:)

Lyrical Fusion Dance–every Friday night at Noyes from 8:15-9:45pm

This modern fusion dance combines the traditional Chinese dance element while adding modern and ballet composites into the performance. It is a innovative idea this semester, please come to the rehearsal and support the two most talented choreographers Annie and Xuelin!!! 

Hankie Dance–every Sunday afternoon at Willard Straight Hall from 1:00-2:30pm

Hankie dance this year is awesome and it is choreographed by our two wonderful dancers Braulio and Megan!!! This Hankie is a partner friendship dance, if you want to know more people in the dance, PLEASE join us during the rehearsal!!!

Technique!!!–Saturday afternoon 3:45-5:15 @ Helen Newman Hall

Want to be flexible? Please COME!!!

Up Coming Events!!!

Mid-Autumn Festival (10/20)–Please come to Ho Plaza for our Dai dance performance at 9:15pm and stop by our table!!!

Photo for the yearbook!!! (10/22)–We will take group and individual photo for members for the yearbook and website!! Can’t wait to fill new people into our members page!!!

Halloween Social Event~~~~ (10/27)–Please fill out the poll for the after technique social from our email. It’s a great opportunity to know more people in the club and make Illuminations a even better place than we are right now!!!