Who We Are

Illuminations is Cornell University’s co-ed undergraduate Chinese cultural dance troupe. Founded in 2004, the troupe is committed to sharing Chinese culture, both past and present, through contemporary interpretations of traditional dance. Our members choreograph, teach, and perform a variety of Chinese dances in folk, classical, and fusion styles. Since its founding, Illuminations has performed over 50 pieces of original choreography. We appear regularly at events on campus and in the surrounding Ithaca community, as well as our own annual joint showcase with Amber Dance Troupe in the spring. We welcome everyone to check out our rehearsals, and no previous dance experience is necessary.

What We Do 

Illuminations aspires to use our dances and our showcase as an opportunity to encourage interest in Chinese dance and Chinese culture. Despite being a very diverse genre of dance, Chinese dance is often overlooked in popular media in Western society. In order to reach a broad audience, we feature both traditional and modern styles of Chinese dance as well as fusion music in our choreography. The fusion of modern and traditional styles symbolizes the significance of history and tradition in our modern day society.We hope that through our performances, we will provide people with more exposure to Chinese dance, and further stimulate interest in Chinese culture.


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